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Nabin Audhyogic College(NAC), affiliated to Tribhuvan University (T.U.), is committed to developing human resources essential for the country’s development by providing high quality & professionally relevant education.

MNC aims to uplift the quality of education to produce skilled manpower in the country through the vision of renewed rich and experienced team of teaching faculty members and top level management professionals. It is run by an excellent team of scholars, academicians and stalwarts. It offers applied business techniques to the students with industry based practical exposures.

A team of experts is fully committed to prepare the NAC students competent enough to face the challenges of the 21st century. Quality education with the excellent educational environment is the main motto of the college. Techniques and methods adopted by some selected nationally recognized teaching staff in a good environment have become significant characteristics of the college.

Why +2 @ Nabin?

Eminent Faculty

We believe that the major strength of any academic institution is its faculty. We have dedicated faculty and highly experienced teaching professionals. The teachers at Siddhartha do not just want their students to memorize the facts and formulae they teach, but to understand concepts and apply those concepts in new situation. Students are taught the way to establish cross connection of knowledge and come up with their originality and unfold a full and total educated personality.

Teaching Methodology

The school applies the latest and proven teaching methodologies to achieve the desired objectives. A combination of lectures, group discussions, and problem solving exercises, guest lectures, practical works and field works are used as approaches to impart education.kills and career-focused trainings.

Intensive Classes

Those students who are unable to meet the academic standards are placed on academic probation. They are provided with extra intensive classes before the final exam.

Medical and Engineering Entrance Preparation classes

Most of science students who join science stream aspire to study either Medicine (MBBS) or Engineering (BE) after the completion of their plus-two education. To win scholarship in their chosen field, they have to face the cut-throat competition. Realizing this fact, the school conducts entrance preparation classes for interested students. This program helps them get success in the competitive examinations.

Student Counseling

Nabin gives equal importance to student counseling in order to motivate them toward their long-term goal and inspire them to study. Assistance from the parents is also entertained if required. The school also organizes career counseling program for students to pursue a brilliant career inside the country or abroad.

Attendance and Academic Progress

To obtain good results, students must take classes regularly and do their assignments with utmost sincerity. Therefore, students are expected to attend the classes regularly. There is provision for informing the guardian promptly if the student is absent or not punctual. Students must do classroom and home assignments sincerely and step on to academic progress. We keep the record of home assignment submission and their progress report.

Evaluation System

Evaluation of academic progress of the student is an essential part of teaching-learning activity. The school conducts unit tests, two terminal examinations and then pre-board examinations before their final Exams. Progress reports of the students are dispensed in the presence of parent/s or responsible guardians.

Disciplinary system

The school believes that quality education comes with discipline; we don’t condone any violations of rules and regulations of the school. We have some norms and values which all students must observe strictly.

  • Attendance of the students is a must for as a mandatory condition for final examination.
  • School uniform is a must.
  • Uniform and hair-style should not be awkward.
    Students must enter and leave the school within the scheduled time.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the school with cell phones, video games, magazines, etc.
  • Undue disturbance in class rooms will not be tolerated. If students are found involved in such activities, actions will be taken immediately.
  • Except for parents and guardians, no other persons are allowed to meet during the school hours.
  • Without convincing reasons, absentees during school days and terminal examinations will be punished in some form.