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Nabin Audhyogic K.B.R. Sec. School

Message From The Chairman

Namaste and Greetings!

Dear Parents/Students,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you at Nabin Audhyogic Kadar Bahadur Rita Secondary School. I feel proud to say that the school is devoted to prepare skilled manpower to the nation as per the demand of the 21st century. The school gives priority to classrooms and Chairman lessons carefully planned in order to optimize learning and to ensure that students acquire the skills of inquiry, observation and experimentation.

It has been established aiming at producing such a resourceful manpower in the society, who can lead our nation to the international forum. Our concern is to produce qualitative manpower to fulfill the short term and long term needs of the nation. We aim to motivate students in learning through ample practical classes so that the weak students can come to the average, the average to the competent and the competent to the outstanding. So, we are furnished with facilities required for the development of the potential of the students. We always believe in vocational education more than the theoretical one.

We cordially invite you to visit our school and observe the environment so as to decide whether or not it is appropriate to pursue education in peaceful environment with basic facilities. At last, I would like to assure you that the students enrolled here will achieve the qualitative education to compete against the emerging challenges of global world.

Thank you.

Krishna Prasad Kharel

Krishna Prasad Kharel


विधालय व्यवस्थापन समितिका अध्यक्षहरुको नामावली

पद नाम थरअवधी
संस्थापक अध्यक्षस्व. मनिराम छेत्री२०३४ – २०४६
अध्यक्षश्री हिमाल कसजु२०४९ – २०५०
अध्यक्षश्री वेगनाथ डुम्रे२०५० – २०५३
अध्यक्षस्व. थमन सिंह आले२०५३ – २०५४
अध्यक्षश्री रण बहादुर थापा२०५४ – २०५६
अध्यक्षश्री कदर बहादुर रायमाझी२०५६ – २०७३/२/३०
अध्यक्षश्री कृष्ण प्रसाद खरेल२०७४/५/ ९