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Nabin Audhyogic K.B.R. Sec. School

Our Mission, Vision & Features

The ultimate mission of the school is to support the nation by generating highly skilled sustainable human resources.

To promote an excellent teaching and learning environment where an individual can develop himself/herself as responsible Manager, Leader and Entrepreneur who can use maximum resources available around.

To create youngsters as competitors of the 21st century maintaining our tradition, culture along with their values.


Healthy mind dwells in healthy body.

The school encourages children to keep themselves and their belongings neat and clean both at school and at home in order to enjoy good health. Aware of the fact that a healthy mind exists in a healthy body, the school provides proper sanitation system with clean Kitchen, cafeteria drinking water, wash areas and toilets.

A glimpse of Montessori education at Nabin

The school has developed a Montessori-based Infant and Toddler Programme (MITP) for pre-primary children. It has fully concentrated on children's physical, mental, emotional and social growth including their basic needs. It habitually teaches to use play materials, playground, garden, toilet, kitchen basins properly and independently. The child-friendly set up and well trained teachers and assistants significantly contribute to inculcating moral values, confidence, love and respect etc. in the tender minds of the children.


शैक्षिक उद्देश्यहरू

प्रभावकारी संचार कौशल विकास गर्न

लिखित, मौखिक, पारस्परिक र समूह

उच्च संज्ञानात्मक कौशल विकास गर्न

आलोचनात्मक सोच, रचनात्मकता र विश्लेषणात्मक क्षमता

ईथिक्सिक्स, जिम्मेवारी, सम्मान, सहनशीलता, अरूको लागि सम्मान र समानुभूति

नेतृत्व कौशल विकास गर्नुहोस्

सहकार्य सहयोग र सहकार्य कार्यलाई उत्तेजित र सीधा गर्ने क्षमता

विशेष विशेषताहरु

प्रोफेसर र विद्वानहरूको एक टोली।
औद्योगिक भ्रमण र प्रथाहरु संग लागू व्यापार अध्ययन।
कम्प्यूटर प्रयोगशालामा सम्पूर्ण मल्टीमीडिया सुविधाहरूको पूर्ण पहुँच।
पुस्तक बैंक सुविधा संग एक अद्यावधिक गरिएको पुस्तकालय।
नियमित कक्षा परीक्षण, आकलन र अवधि परीक्षा।
छात्रवृत्ति र पुरस्कार।

Nabin Audhyogic K.B.R. Sec. School Rupandehi, Nepal