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Teaching Approach

To meet the needs of this competitive world, Nabin Audhyogic K.B.R. Sec. School scholars have devised the following strategies
for pedagogical methods that translate our vision of academic excellence into reality.
1. Theoretical Approach
2. Practical Approach
3. Research
4. Field visits
5. Project work
6. Counseling and guidance.

Portfolio system

Portfolio system

The Academy will introduce individual students' portfolio system. All the achievements of individual students
will be included and recorded in the portfolio.

Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition

To enhance students’ creativity and passion for innovation, a Science Exhibition is put on the college. Other schools and colleges will be invited for observation, which will recognize students’ creations.



For sound academic performance, Nabin Audhyogic K.B.R. Sec. School has selected the best faculties from Kathmandu and also the best and renowned ones from among those who are locally available.

Guest lectures
out of the box

Guest lectures

To break the monotony of instruction and to imparting additional ideas to students, Nabin Audhyogic K.B.R. Sec. School will invite some lecturers from all over the country and even abroad. Prior information will be given to students
about such sessions.

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